Judy Keeney @judithkeeney – Colleague and Friend

July 20th, 2015

I am blessed to have colleagues I call friends. One such friend is blogging at 3yellowsandpails.  Judy came to our district as a Teacher on Assignment, but most of us saw her as a consultant and leader.  We started to work together in the Central School District in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  I had been a teacher for MANY years and I was so impressed by how knowledgeable she was about what I call “All Things Math.”  She was encouraging as well as motivating.  I felt like I had been re-energized and motivated to continue my work with the math department with a new sense of focus and direction.  I continue to think with Judy as a coach and a mentor.  After the district professional development sessions, I often call or email with follow up questions, and ask for her opinion or advice.  She has a great way of listening and helping me to reflect on my teaching.  She has stretched me to step out of my comfort zone, whether it is to start this blog or to actively participate on twitter.  She will email me ideas from her many friends on twitter and I love doing the tasks with my students.  My colleagues ask where the great new lesson came from and my answer is normally, “Judy shared it, let’s try it.”  My students and my teaching are a genuine interest to her and I truly appreciate all she has done for my professional growth.  I feel like even though I am getting older, I continue to stay current, always willing to try something new and Judy being available with all the current research and deep understanding of curriculum and instruction, is there to hold me accountable.

As a friend Judy and I can talk about how our family life impacts our teaching and how our teaching can impact our family life.  Having a mentor, a friend, a colleague and a person that you trust to be honest is a blessing.  Thank you Judy for helping me to be a better teacher and for investing your time and energy always going above and beyond.

Your Friend,


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